A New Thing

Don't you like new things? That new smell, that new feel, that new look just makes life a little bit nicer, huh? Nobody enjoys old smells like old shoes, old gym clothes, or old food. Yikes! 

God also likes new. He created a new earth, crafted new people, and promised new life to those who find Him. He also gives us new gifts, new hope, and new gifts. He is the God of New.

Join us over the next few weeks as we dive into a 5-part series where we consider A New Thing. We'll be looking at the new things God gives us. It's going to be powerful, practical and so helpful for your everyday life!

Part 1: A New Future

God has amazing plans for you. But there's a catch: you have to trust Him. Step into what God has for you and trust that He knows best.

Part 2: A New Heart

There's nothing that God cares more about than your heart. You've got to protect it, guard it, watch it, and don't be deceived by it. We look on the outside but God looks at the heart.

Part 3: A New Love

God loves you. It's a saying as old as time, but there's no truer statement you can ever make. But God loving us is not where it stops, it's only where it begins. God loves us so we can first love Him and then love others.

Part 4: A New Mind

There's really not anything that can trip you up or keep you down than your mind. We read in the Bible that we are to think about the right things. God's plan for you is to renew your mind and set you on the right path thinking the right thoughts.

Part 5: A New Spirit

God has not given you the spirit of fear, but of love, and power and of a sound mind. Often we let whatever spirit come in to our heart but that's not God's purpose. His purpose is to set you free from spirits that haunt, that frighten you, that hold you back from fulfilling God's plan. He has given you a new spirit.