My Big Fat Mouth

In today’s world, “little sins” like criticism, complaining, gossip, or lying aren’t just shrugged off, but are sometimes encouraged or even celebrated. In truth, these sins have the same deadly price tag as any other. They destroy relationships, weaken our ability to represent Christ, and separate us from the life that God wants for us. In this series, we’ll acknowledge how common these sins are, how often we all commit them without even realizing it, and what we can do to avoid them. Our big fat mouth can get us into trouble, or it can speak truth and grace.

Week 1: Complaining

Long days at school. Family members getting on your nerves. Teachers pushing your buttons. We can all find things to complain about, but is it just blowing off steam? Let’s talk about what lodging a complaint really means this weekend in a new week of My Big Fat Mouth! #bigfatmouth

Have you heard the juicy news? Spilling the beans about a big piece of gossip can feel pretty good, but is it really harming anyone, too? Well, here’s something you can definitely tell everyone: Come visit United Students this weekend for a new week of My Big Fat Mouth! #bigfatmouth

Week 2: Gossiping

Week 3: Criticizing

We all know someone we just want to tell off. It’s easy to point out when someone else is doing everything wrong—and it hurts when we’re on the other end. Let’s get critical about criticism this weekend in a new week of My Big Fat Mouth! #bigfatmouth

The truth isn’t always kind—and sometimes, the truth can really hurt. So what’s the real problem with tweaking the truth from time to time? Little lies can become serious ones pretty quickly—so let’s get serious about the truth this week in our latest series, My Big

Fat Mouth. #bigfatmouth

Week 4: Lying

Read More in the Bible

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